Considering hiring a coach? Let’s chat! Achieving a goal or dream requires a well thought out plan. It means committing to your plan and frequently moving outside of your comfort zone. Having a coach and mentor to support, guide, and reassure your efforts is an essential element as you strive for greatness.

Evolve Multisport can help you achieve your goals by offering effective and efficient guidance while providing education including the “why’s & how’s” of training and racing. In addition, we offer highly personalized and “hands-on” coaching. Let’s share your journey and ultimate evolution from coach potato to triathlete or proven performer to a world-class champion!

We look forward to working with you and offer several forms of running, cycling, duathlon, and triathlon coaching, which are listed below. From 5k road races to ultra-distance marathons…we’ve got you covered! From sprint triathlons to iron-distance triathlons…we will get you to that finish line and help you achieve your personal best!

–Includes highly-specific daily workouts tailored to athlete’s life priorities and goals.
–The plan is designed to guide you and motivate you as you work towards achieving your goals.
–$85/4-weeks with one phone consultation before moving onto next 4-week block

 –This program is designed for the athlete desiring personalized and structured guidance with frequent contact with the coach and analysis of workouts with feedback and tailoring moving forward.
–Exercise physiology basics, nutritional and recovery strategies provided.
–A Final Surge account is also provided with this plan.
–This option requires a 3-month commitment.

–Fee associated with Personalized Endurance Coaching w/Final Surge Account
–Review of athletic goals & athletic history as well as lifestyle priorities & responsibilities
–Design of a personalized annual training plan
–Establishment of training zones
–Design of a functional weight training program that compliments training and racing goals

“Runner For Life” RUNNING CONSULTATION & GAIT ANALYSIS: • Video of running at different speeds with gait analysis • Consult regarding past and present running history, injuries, goals, etc. • Consult regarding current and past training strategies • Functional strength and flexibility testing • Discussion regarding footwear and any desirable changes and adaptations • Discussion of training strategies and principles

PRIVATE LESSONS: • $70/hour & $55/hour for current clients • $100/hour for two • $135/hour for three • Private lessons include – swim lessons, run form and gait analysis, & wellness counseling consultations