The Athlete:  Marisa currently competes in events ranging from 5k's to ultra marathons.  She has experience competing in all triathlon distances and long-distance cycling events.  Additionally, she was a USA Triathlon All-American and 2X Ironman Finisher.

The Educator: Marisa is a certified USA Triathlon coach, USA Track & Field coach, NEWTON NATURAL RUNNING™ Form Coach, and USA Cycling coach residing in Winston Salem, NC.  Her educational background includes a B.S. in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University, followed by a M.S. in Sports Medicine and a B.S. in Nursing from the University of North Carolina. She combines her conceptual knowledge of training and racing with her experience as an athlete to assist her clients in reaching their highest potential. In addition, Marisa specializes in running form and gait analysis and instruction.
With a background in Wellness Counseling as an RN, you can certainly expect a whole-body approach when it comes to physical training and nutrition as you collaborate and work with Marisa.
She also contributes to various online publications including: and
Additionally, Marisa serves as a professional consultant and wellness coach for various clients in her community and teaches at the William G. White YMCA in Winston Salem, NC.

The Coach: Marisa’s clients include elite and professional athletes, seasoned veterans and those new to the sport. Marisa’s coaching philosophy is based on the concept of balance.  Being a mother of two young kiddos, an athlete, and a business owner, synergy and balance makes it all possible.  Balance in training and life, combined with integrity and a passion for what you do is the key to success in all endeavors.
Without challenge, is growth possible? I doubt so.